DreamRunner Pictures

is a film production company with a strong background in entertainment and branding, founded in 2009 by MARKUS BLUNDER and INGVAR THORDARSON in Austria.

As a daring alliance of business and creative minds, DreamRunner develops content with meaningful themes, expressed in innovative forms that both compel and entertain.

Owners of global rights for a diverse range of entertainment content, DreamRunner’s current film production slate is made up of feature-length projects in genres spanning from sports and coming-of-age dramas to geo-political and fantasy thrillers.

The slate of DreamRunner’s recently established TV division, Brave New Vision, contains an equally wide range of dramas (in genres ranging from historical and fantasy adventure to crime and murder mystery) and various factual entertainment shows, mostly revolving around the arts and travel but all with a global audience in mind.

Combined, DreamRunner’s projects represent the dreams of many lifetimes; dreams that we meticulously write down and turn into reality, all thanks to the magical alchemy of film. Applying this magic every waking hour, our dream is to help every member of our audience find the courage to run with their own dreams.