Autumn Blood

2014 | Drama, Thriller | 100min


High in the Mountains on a secluded farm a widowed mother dies leaving her two children alone and orphaned. Fearing being taken away and split up they keep their mother’s death a secret and survive off the land with no one to rely on but each other. The sixteen year old sister is one with nature, innocent, and unaware of the evils that exist in mankind. Her ten year old brother is traumatized and mute from witnessing a disturbing incident years earlier (the death of his father) involving the town's Mayor. As the girl transitions into womanhood a harsh brutality destroys her innocence when savage hunters led by the Mayor's son attack and rape her. A social worker from a distant city arrives to investigate but ultimately it is the siblings who must come of age to protect each other and survive.

Writer, Director
Markus Blunder

Director of Photography
Reed Morano

Stephen T. Barton

Joe Landauer

Robert Miller

Original Score
Lewis Goldstein

Markus Blunder

Matt Tauber

Executive producer
Günther Aloys

Matt Walker

Production Designer
Maximillian Lange


Sophie Lowe - The Girl
Peter Stormare - The Mayor
Maximilian Harnisch - The Boy
Annica McCrudden - The Social Worker
Gustaf Skarsgård - The Butcher
Samuel Vauramo - The Hunter
Tim Morten Uhlenbrock - The Friend
George Lenz - The Clerk
Nelly Gschwandtner - The Hunter's Wife
Jacqueline Le Saunier - The Mother
Jonas Laux - The Father
Hansa Czypionka - The Priest

Festival Awards

Hollywood Film Festival 2013: Best Feature Film
San Diego Film Festival 2013: Best Feature Film
Irvine Film Festival 2014: Best Trailer & Best Cinematography
Molins De Rei Film Festival 2014: Best Feature Film & Best Director
Hamilton Film Festival 2015: Best Actress: Sophie Lowe

Official Selection: Mumbai Film Festival 2013
Official Selection: Stockholm Film Festival 2013
Official Selection: Oldenburg Film Festival 2013
Official Selection: Film Festival by the Sea 2013
Official Selection: Film Festival Maz Ophuls Preis 2014
Official Selection: 17th Annual European Union Film Festival 2014